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We write unique content each and every time, based on the keyword and angle of your choice.
If you want to target a specific group, simply specify this when ordering and our experienced writers will write it in a language which hits your target group.


The domains are hosted at one of the largest providers of professional hosting in Denmark, and we continually add new and unique IPs which are not shared with other websites online. This means that you get quality links from a wide variety of Scandinavian IP addresses.


All domains have a history, and will therefore have an age as well as backlinks directed to the domain. This means that Google assigned a (topical) category to domains, which we divide our domains into. In our network, we have domains registered as early as 2001 with a DR of more than 50.



A lot has happened in the “link building” profession in recent years. Just 4 years ago, simply by signing your site up to so-called link directories and article directories, you could get top rankings on Google Those days are gone, and nowadays it takes more. Google is starting to examine where links come from to a far greater extent.

Here are some of the factors, Google take into account:
  • Do links come from a relevant website?
  • Is the article/post where the link comes from relevant to the keywords you would like to be found through?
  • Does the domain where the link comes from have good “trust” with Google?
  • Do links come from .dk domains or .com domains, etc.?
  • How many outbound links are there from the domain linked from?
  • Do links come from the same registrant with i.e. dk-hostmaster?
  • Do links come from different IP addresses/hosting providers?

These are just some of the things which Google is beginning to consider when assessing how much value, or also called “link juice”, should be assigned to the links pointing to your website, web shop or blog.


Backlink King is part of Move Marketing and your gateway to Danish link building from strong Danish domains with good Google trust, helping your website climb the search results.

Link building must happen over time and with proper variation in anchor texts.

Another important factor in link building is to make sure that the links you point to from your website are distributed over time and not just made on the same day. The reason for this is that suddenly getting 100 links in a day, when you used to get just 1 link per day, looks unnatural. Therefore, we make sure that the links we build are released over time, avoiding risk in this regard. As part of the service, we also write the articles in which the link to your website are embedded. These articles are written based on the keywords you would like to be found by. We do research on the topic and set up the articles neatly and correctly. Additionally, we vary the anchor text to ensure that the keyword is not the only thing linked by, but a variation of keywords, keyword + text, “click here” etc. in images as well as URL. This is a good step to take, as it might also look unnatural to only have links on the keyword.

Network of Scandinavian domains with high trust

See what we do:

We spent the last 6 years building a large network of Danish websites in different industries, from where we can offer links. All domains already have good links from other Danish sites with good trust, which means that Google naturally rates links coming from here as good. We made sure that there is no way of seeing who the registrant of the domains is. In addition, we ensure that the domains are hosted by different hosting providers, making the diversity of IP addresses linked from as great as possible.

Link Building 2.0 from the Backlink King

The third quarter of 2016 would be when Link Building 2.0 became a reality. We have seen a clear trend that it is becoming an increasingly great challenge to rank highly on Google – Google continuously updates the algorithm to improve search results. Sometimes, this means rolling out a new Penguin update which may influence the backlinks of your website. Penguin was created to eliminate alternative link building – and that is a very good thing. Previously, what counted was the number of links. So by buying i.e. 1,000 links directly on the word you wanted to be found by, you could get good rankings for your website.
(1). Now, quantity is no longer the decisive factor for links – quality is! We took note of this and incorporated it into our link strategy 2.0.

Among other things, the new strategy means the following:

  • We upgraded our IP diversity from 15 IPs to more than 100 (Skandinavian IPs)
  • We have expanded DNS diversity
  • Different length of the articles we write, ensuring that this does not become a footprint.
  • Option of boost via social impressions, i.e. Facebook shares, Tweets etc.
  • Topic/niche-divided categories for all blogs.
  • Maximum number of outgoing links on blogs.
  • Faster and guaranteed indexing of posts on blogs.

Link Building 2.0 has loads of other goodies as well, and you can have it all sent to you via e-mail by signing up to the waiting list to become one of those with access to 2.0. As a start, we have opened 100 slots. At the moment all 100 slots are occupied. You can sign up to the waiting list by contacting us via mail or telephone.

He’s too cool! It has been a long but great trip to work with Kristian Ole Rørbye from about SEO optimization of

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May 2017 news – Network upgrade with HTTPS

We always want to make our network stronger and more attractive to our customers and therefore, in May 2017, decided to activate and install SSL certificates on 50% of our network.

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